I just took this photo because I cant figure out how to download photos from the files on my phone. At night this is enchanting. I am serious when i say Melissa’s words of encouragement have completely changed my feelings about this home. I wish I took before photos. The far left corner of this photo shows a grassless area. You probably can’t see the pine straw mulch. We will be adding grass very soon. What you also don’t see is an over grown, vine covered scarey mess…because I really went to work on this lawn. The reward is a place to hang the hammock and much to my delight, the short tree bloomed with the most perfume filled flowers I’ve ever smelled. I had no idea we would enjoy so many blooming plants in this yard! The blooms (white things on the ground)dropped yesterday. Magnolia and Azaleas will bloom next, I think. I’m praying for someone who needs their hostas thinned…will work for plants. :)

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    Oh, that is beautiful!! I’m working on my yard too, I was just thinking about how it is slow going but each step is a step closer to that place I dream about in my mind! I love your lights and wisteria and the hammock, too! Wonderful yard, yay! 🙂

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