The kitchen refurb

Good morning neighbours.  I have loved browsing through the stories and realising how very similar we all seem to be.  I have loved looking at your beautiful homes and the little treasures that you have all collected.  Last year I finally managed to persuade Tony that we should paint the kitchen cupboards.  They were kind of a dingy brown mock oak veneer and had started to fade and look really shabby. Tony had thought that they were genuine oak…… until he decided to sand one and discovered that they are veneered.  Then I got the green light to paint. Tony chose an eyecatching wallpaper for me to put on the doors (he doesn’t wallpaper) and when it comes to changing the look of the kitchen I simply have to change the wallpaper. I swap all the cups, teatowels and teacosy throughout the year to reflect the changing seasons. The bottom picture shows the doors still drying and waiting for new doorknobs.  I screwed some cup hooks into a piece of timber and used ‘No More nails’ or some equivalent glue to stick it under the cupboard.

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    Well, that is a colorful and impactful renovation that I have never seen before! Love your exuberant print and joyful sense of style.

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