My little veggie plot

Tony and I are in the middle of a huge garden refurb and today we created my new veg plot. I have been reading about square foot gardening (google it) and though my veg plot isn‘t quite following those principles I am using it as a guideline. The raised bed measures 8ft by 4ft and is plenty big enough for our little plot. The pond will be moved onto what was the original site of my veg plot and the hole it leaves behind will be filed in and a patio will be constructed. In the border at the far end of the garden you can see my fruit bushes which are growing in some cabling conduit. I have rhubarb, blackcurrants, blueberries and raspberries. I moved the grapevine to the front of the house and if I haven‘t killed it off it might thrive in the warmer sunnier spot

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    Hi Cheri! Your veggie garden turned out great! It looks like you found the perfect spot for it! The gardening around it looks very nice too! I also like the cute little bunnies you put in the front of each corner. You must show us the garden when it all grown in and growing vegetables!

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    What could be more hopeful than a garden?! I hope that this season, all your growing hopes and dreams come true.

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    Cherie, you are so productive! Do you work outside the home? I have never been a gardener but I envy those who are. The best I can do is container gardening on my small balcony…went searching for some colourful pots last weekend and have started cleaning the outdoor furniture…spring has started finally. 🙂

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      Good morning neighbour. I do work outside the home. I am a self employed crafts tutor and my work kind of comes in feasts and famines. I am either snowed under with work (which I prefer) or I only have one or two sessions a month. I love to share all my barking mad craft ideas with different groups. On Thursday I am working with a group of very elderly people and it has really stretched me to think of something that stiff old fingers will manage. I love to see the sense of achievement on the faces of people that I work with. I occasionally get to work with groups of ‘very difficult’ teenagers. My heart swells with pride if I can manage to encourage them to make something that they feel proud of. Often all they need is a sense of self worth.

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        I just knew you were an overachiever! 🙂 I am currently taking care of my mom and I applaud your efforts with the elderly. I know feeling useful is so important for my mom. Also, I am a retired teacher so I know the importance of high self-esteem for teens. You must feel so fulfilled when you teach these classes.

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    I KNEW this was YOUR garden Cherie! I have been obsessed with Yorkshire ever since I watched The Calendar Girls. lol It’s my all time favorite movie and I have thought 1000 times to start a WC here. lol Jam & Jerusalem here come the Yanks! bahahaha Anyways, I seriously love what you are going. It is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see it unfold X

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    I kind of hope you mean WI 😉 I have been a member of the WI here for the past 12 years and love the meetings and craft events we hold. I am a member of the committee now and get to help plan the craft sessions for the up coming year. One day when I win the lottery I plan to open a huge crafting venue with all manner of crafts on offer …. I can dream….. x

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