Just for Fun!

Welcome to my home office! My office is actually in our family/media room. It takes up about 1/4 of the living space. This small space it actually a cut through from my upstairs kitchen. . . down the stairs, past our family room, through the middle of my two desks . . . and through the door into our Mudroom. Uhg! Someday when one of my kids move out (Not that I want them too. . .), I can turn one of their rooms into my office. So, this is where I work everyday. I own a small Placemat Advertising Company called, Hometown Advertising. My office doesn’t normally look this organized. My desk is usually covered in papers! But this week I decided to #makeitpretty for you! Just for Fun!

Below is a picture of my computer desk, that is located on the opposite side of my work desk. It’s not really pretty, but VERY useful! You can’t really see my office chair, but it’s just a standard black swivel chair with a cushion and a pillow on it. Not very pretty or comfortable! Someday I plan on buying a nicer, more stylish, yet comfortable new chair. Can’t wait!

For extra storage, I chose to use some wicker baskets as you will see in the photo below. And what would I do without my handy dandy file cabinet! Really, I have so much paperwork that I have stacked plastic drawers in the Mudroom next to my printer. Well…Thank you for stopping by my office!

Gallery Wall

Hello all! This is my first post here on HomeLoveStories, and I’m super excited to be here! 

So I’ve been in the process of adding items to this gallery wall for almost a year now. Everything (minus the plate which was purchased and added to the wall today) is a DIY project. I feel like I’m moving at a snail’s pace with this wall, and I probably am. Obviously with the blank spaces it’s not done yet. However, every time I see this wall now that it’s coming together it makes me smile, and proud to have created this spot in my home.  #makeitpretty

Painted Chandelier on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

Updating My Chandelier


   When we had this home built the shiny brass chandelier seemed a better alternative than the antiqued brass.  After looking at it for years and yearning for a crystal chandelier, I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest.  This person had painted chandeliers every color in the rainbow.  Well, they actually looked pretty.

   Thinking I could do the same, I bought some bronze paint and asked my husband, who has years of experience with electricity, to take down the chandelier.  After disassembling, I took my handy little drill and made holes where the strings of crystal could be attached and began painting light coats until the chandelier was covered.

   The medallion is one of those white plastic pieces I picked up on sale for almost nothing a long time ago.  Using acrylic paints, a richer wooden effect was created.  I’ll have to say I didn’t know where I was going with the painting.  Layers and layers of paint and washes later, this is what was created.  My plan is to add some stenciling to the outer border to extend it, or paint a trompe l‘oeil.

   I reassembled and Dave hung, wired, and connected it back to the electric.  (I don’t do electric!)  The crystals were bought at Michael’s and Joann’s when they were marked down 50%.  They were attached with tiny wires and fishing line.  After attaching them, the candles looked rather lame, so I bought some PVC pipe, cut it to fit over the candle like a sleeve and visually bulked them up a bit.

   Before placing the sleeves on the chandelier, I added some rhinestone trim, which mimicked the bronze color.  All in all, I think it came out pretty well.   


Make It Pretty #makeitpretty

I love this block party, because I love finding things and making them pretty. When I finely gave into doctors and my family and quit the job I loved, making things pretty helped me get through it.

       Dresser for Chloe’s room, she’s 13 and still loves it!

I was depressed, my job was my creative outlet, but I could no longer run a business or work with people. I was so angry at being sick and giving up my business that I no longer wanted to even pick up a camera. So I picked up a paintbrush.

As time went on the anger went away. Sometimes I would see things and they would hit a note with the photographer in me. I would know I could redo it make it into a beautiful photo prop, but not have a place for it in my home.

I started buying a few of these pieces and they inspired me to pick up the camera again. I usually sell these pieces to professional photographers when I’m done with them, using photos like the one below to advertise.

 (Maddie, my oldest who wants to be a general contractor)

Going from a full time job as an internationally published photographer – to being a chronically ill person forced onto disability was a huge hit to our income. I stopped bringing money in and the medical bills were/are insane! I still want to decorate my home, but I need to do it VERY inexpensively!  

(Maddie’s closet door is an old barn door, she wanted this small dresser as a bedside table, and wanted to look like her barn door. )

Making things pretty is the only way I can afford to do that. I don’t have ””extra”” income – so if I can flip two or three pieces a year it pays for itself, my supplies, and the pieces I flip to make my own home a home I love.

$5 garage sale buffet, now my basement entertainment center

 Most of these, and more are on my blog , although I’m not a very good blogger so I don’t always keep up with it. :)  http://sentimentalredo.blogspot.com/

“Make It Pretty” and Functional:  The Modest Sunroom

Finally my small sunroom is beautifized and functionalized. It is in use so I do not over-decorate.

*pillows: thrift store; the tag says Bombay Company

*painting; the original tag still says 1990 JC Penney $190 but thrif-store price was $15 and further reduced to $3; the frame was oak wood and I painted white with some wall paint on hand

*on the left of the photo you can see my freezer

*plate on the wall shelf: Goodwill store $1.99