“Hello” from Danville, California.  I am Angie Rose and I am new to Home Love Stories, but have been a follower of Melissa for about the last 6 months or so. I absolutely connect with everything she has written and posted.  In fact, it has given me confidence to trust my gut on what I love and what I want to surround my home to make me and my family happy!! I have recently done a remodel on my home and The Inspired Home has truly inspired me. My brain is bursting with so many interesting, fun things that I have learned and experienced to post.  I am a little nervous to “put myself out there”. I have thought to myself for the last year or so that I have so much valuable, credible, information that I have learned with regards to home, lifestyle, nutrition, pets, etc. in my 52 years.

My husband and I work at home doing real estate investing, we are both real estate brokers that work under our own brokerage company. We also buy distressed homes to fix up and sell.  So we are always dealing with all different aspects of homes and the real estate market. 

A big part of my life, besides, my work and family are my 3 dogs (Daisy, Bentley and Angus). I specifically remodeled our home to be pet friendly.  They are a big part of our life and bring so much joy. As I continue to post more stories, it will become apparent how much a part of my life they are.

Since it is fall I have to mention something with pumpkins!!! This pumpkin art piece was in Yountville, California (Napa Wine Country and near The French Laundry). When I was there I visited the winery Nickel and Nickel-very farmhouse rustic feel. I will have to share pictures on another story….

Happy Fall, my favorite time of year and my birthday month!!. I am looking forward to sharing lots of fun things with you all.

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    Welcome, Angela! It is so nice to have you here. What a treat to see your sweet pups! I cannot wait to see what you have to share with us. Happy Fall (and happy birthday month, too!)

    • 2

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome. And thank you for having Home Love Stories available to someone like me that has worthwhile, fun stories to tell that doesn’t normally post much of anything at all. Have been inspired by your books and blog. Best wishes with all the rehab and redecorating. are currently doing!! I am sure it will be amazing!!

  2. 3

    Hi Angela! Welcome to the neighborhood and Happy Birthday! I’m looking forward to seeing what you will be sharing with us! Your dogs are adorable! I love their Names. They look so cute laying there is a row. They must get along really well! Keep us posted! 🙂

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      Thank you Maria. If I would love to post all day long about my dogs!! I am so new to all of this and still need to get my confidence up to post pictures. After seeing some of your posts and others I am a little intimidated. Everyone’s homes look sooooo good. We just finished doing a remodel and it looks good but I still need to do the finishing touches that really make a house a home. The Inspired Home blog, other blogs, Houzz and just my gut feeling on what I love has really helped me realize my own style, which is similar to a lot of people in this community. Take care!

  3. 5

    Hi Angela! Welcome from Nova Scotia! I love the creative picture of the “Hello” pillow to introduce yourself! Nice touch! 🙂 I look forward to seeing your future posts! Your career sounds very interesting and I’m sure you will have lots to share.Please stop by my place when you get a chance. You are always welcome. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  4. 6

    Thank you so much Nancy. I looked at some of your posts…really interesting, creative and interesting ideas. I love your “LOVE” pillow on your couch!! I just have to get my thoughts together before I start posting stuff. This is all new to me and I really want to put my thoughts together before I start posting. You all here in this community set the bar high!!

  5. 7

    Hello, Angie. Welcome to the neighborhood! Looks like you’re prepping your home inside and out for fall. It’s my favorite time of year. I look forward to your future posts. Cheers, Jennifer

  6. 8

    Thank you so much Jennifer-this is a wonderful community of women that have such creative ideas. I have learned so much already from The Inspired Room blog and followers. I look forward to contributing!

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