Reluctant Friends

Every once in a while I catch these two snuggling up somewhere in the house.  Kuma is ours, and Oso is a chihuahua belonging to my in-laws.  Half the time they are ignoring one another, the other half Kuma is trying desperately to get the old Oso to play with him.  These times are rare β€” when they both hang out on the same frilly dog bed and enjoy each other’s company.

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    Maria, my previous Shih-Tzu was like that. He LOVED being the only dog in the house. When my sister’s dogs would come over he would tolerate them, but it was clear. You stay in you space and I’ll stay in mine. Hahaha! Then every once in a blue moon, they would share a window or the couch. Shhh! I never told them they were that close! πŸ˜‰

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      Lol! I love it! πŸ™‚ Yes, we cannot acknowledge that the two of them are sharing a piece of furniture, we can only enjoy it from afar. It’s like if they get caught, they’re like, “Nope! That did not happen. You did not see that!”

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