Meet The Boys!

Amy B. wanted to see my boys, so I thought I would introduce them! Meet Cooper (left) and Grayson (right). Since my kids have left the nest, these are my furry kids who brighten my days. 

Cooper is a Border Terrier who has been with us almost 4 yrs. now. He thinks the world is his party and everyone wants to play with him. He’s energetic, crazy and has trained his brother to bark for him. Coop prefers to whine! =)

Grayson is a Shih-Tzu who will be with us two years next week. He is very timid but has really come out of his shell since finding his forever home. He is a huge snuggler, esp. in the morning. The best way to start the day. He loves to play in the rain and snow, while his brother prefers to bask in the sunshine. Oh, yes! Gray is the one TERRIFIED of cameras! He has a sick sense about it…so frustrating!!! LOL!

Before these two came into our life, my best friend was a Shih-Tzu named Murphy. We had him for 16 1/2 yrs. My house just doesn’t seem like a home without a dog or two! They make it crazy and messy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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    Thanks ladies! Yes Amy, it’s pure luck when I get Gray’s picture. Sometimes I can bribe him with a treat. I believe that happened in the one above. =)
    Deanne, I agree on borders personalities. Cooper is one in a million. He came to us from my sister. Long story short, I couldn’t let him go to a strange home. His personality is priceless! Him and Grayson are the best of buddies.
    Missy, three shih-tzus, how fun! They are my absolute favorite. My first one was a blond one, named Murphy. He made sure that breed would always have my heart.

    Both of them make our home silly and fun. They make us laugh and smile everyday. I wouldn’t have it any other way! =)

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    Hi Nila, yes they are! Cooper is our crazy one! He’s so full of energy and fun. His mannerisms are so quirky, you can’t help but laugh at him. We joke he is my husband’s dog, but I will do in a pinch. 😉

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    Dogs definitely make life messy and complicated, but without them, things can get boring real fast. Thanks for sharing your pooches with us!

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      I totally agree Diane, especially when there is paw prints all over my floors on a raining day. But it makes me smile at the same time (as I’m mopping them up for the millionth time). 😉 They truly makes this house a home, even more so now that my kids have moved out. When the kids do come home to visit though, these boys go crazy!! Now matter how long it’s been you would of thought the dogs haven’t seen the kids in years! Hahaha!

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