A Tale of Two Lamps

I think I bought these gold candle stick lamp bases three years ago at a tag sale for $3. They have sat in the basement ever since. 

I knew I was going to paint them as I really disliked the gold color with the fly speckle looking splatter. But I was not sure where I was going to use them at. 

 Then came the storm damage and the whole house ended up  gutted and now I’m trying to put it back together. All my cash on hand is going into things like wood trim, doors, windows……. it doesn’t leave a whole lot left over for the decorating budget. So I have to use what I have.

 I spray painted the brass with oil rubbed bronze metallic paint, and purchased the small drum shades from Target. I decided they would look great on my daughters piano, so for now that’s where they are sitting. 
 I’m not supper happy with the top of the piano yet, but the room only just got floor in it over the weekend, and the trim still needs to go on the walls. Lots of moving back in left to do so I’m sure it will come together soon. I am super happy with the way the lamps turned out though! 

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    Hi Deanne! I’m so sorry about what happened to your home. It must be so devastating. I am so glad to hear you are able to rebuild. Your lamps look so beautiful! Especially because you made something old look so new. I think your piano top display looks picture perfect! Hopefully this is how you will feel when your home is back together and maybe even better than is was. Best of luck to you and your family!

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      Thanks Maria, right now the piano is the only thing in the new entry. The room is looking pretty empty, I can’t physically get to what I want to do next in the room so I have already redone the top of the piano. LOL Hopefully my husband can help me this weekend move some other pieces into the room and will have something other then the piano to pick on. 🙂

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