A Spring Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table is small, but it’s perfect for our space.  It functions for quick breakfasts, long lunches, and homework sessions.  I found the old Pepsi crate at a flea market, and now it serves as a useful centerpiece.  The spoon holder is a family tradition that reminds me of my grandmother every day, and I love the vintage blue Ball jar for a seasonal touch.  Oh how I would love to chat with all of you over a cup of tea!   #aroundthetable


I don‘t even know how old my table really is. Why? Because it started out as my mom‘s. Yep, this is a hand me down and I love it! It used to be light oak with light oak chairs. The poor thing under went a huge transformation a few years ago. My husband painted is this gorgeous dark brown color and we bought new chairs. Now it feels updated and brand new. But all the memories and traditions still remain. This table has seen it all. From my kids setting in their booster seats carving pumpkins to family dinner conversations where we laughed until we cried. The running joke in our family is we can‘t eat out in public because our conversations always turn into something goofy…nothing bad, honest!

Now we mainly use it for holidays. With just the two of us at home, we usually eat our meals at the bar in the kitchen. Our first grandson is due this summer and I can‘t wait to do all the fun things with him that I did with his mom at this table. Rest assured, during the holidays when we all gather together again, all the laughter and crazy stories come back!

Around the Table

The only other table I have is a foldable one in my small sunroom besides the larger table in my kitchen nook.  I spend a lot of time in my sunroom lately because it is bright, airy, and cool now that Floridian winter is over.  I write academic work there, take my coffee, tea, and other cold drinks there.  My young children play and draw around the table also.  We do many activities on that modest table.  #aroundthetable

A little springtime kitchen vignette on My Humble Home and Garden.com

Around the Table

  On the soffit above my kitchen table, in front of the bay, are the words, “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”  I believe that is the truth.

  Even though I have a beautiful dining room, most meals are shared at the kitchen table.  It’s where the kids did their homework.  Now the grandkids do their homework on Thursday nights at Grammy and Papa’s while I prepare dinner.   It’s where we draw, craft and play just about every kind of card and board game known to man.

   As our family has expanded, we sometimes have to expand the table to accommodate everyone.  Many years ago I was watching a show about Dixie Carter.  She was sharing her home and some of her secrets.  Under a beautiful tablecloth and beautifully set table, was a humble piece of plywood used to extend the size of the table!  Well, if it was good enough for Dixie, it was good enough for me.

   We bought a sheet of plywood for our Thanksgiving meal that year.  To protect the table top, I placed silicone pot holders on each corner then centered the plywood on top.  

   Before the next holiday, I centered a bowl in each of the corners, drew around it and had my oldest son jigsaw, to make rounded corners.  We still use that humble plywood for holidays, but now we need to use both tables.  #aroundthetable

Around the Table

The dining room in our home is, in truth, not used every day….we seem to find other places to gather and eat. It is still a lovely room to enjoy special occasions and to pull out the special things that have been handed down to us through the years!

The corner cabinets are from Crate and Barrel.

The sideboard was a junk store find that I gave a black dry brush paint treatment.

Our table started out as a plain pine farmtable…I was so tired of the orangy pine. I called my husband one afternoon and said …”do you care if I paint the table?” I painted it right there in the dining room:) 

The hutch from a small furniture store about an hour from my home

The bar a yard sale find last summer. 

One of my favorite things in the room is the fingerpainting above the door to the kitchen. My (now17) daughter painted it when she was 3 :)

Glad to be a part of the Block Party! #aroundthetable


I don’t usually brag.  Really.  But I just have to tell you, I have The Table of All Tables!! Heretofore named The Table of All Tables is 14 ft long and has been known to fit 20 people if we squeeze in close and bump knees. 

We were so excited to renovate our 150 year old barn, and very sad when we found out that some of the rafters would need to be replaced to meet code requirements (pesky code).  My husband   (gotta give credit where credit is due) came up with the idea of salvaging the wood to create an enormous farm table!  A talented carpenter friend came and hauled all the wood away, created the table, took it apart, hauled it back, and put it all together again in the loft (there’s no way that thing was comin’ up the stairs!). 

And that’s the way The Table of All Tables was born.  Let’s eat

When in doubt, bake cookies.

A life with boys means wrestling matches, a sports equipment trashed garage, finding the baby on top of the kitchen table and occasional scuffles and scrapes.  When the days get crazy and I am losing it a bit, the kids always ask for cookies.  I think it is because we all gather around the island, get a little messy and it all ends in chocolate gooeyness.  It changes the whole mood of the house.  

This is just a day in life.  The only thing missing is the third child, stacks of school papers, snacks, drinks, crumbs…oh and the baby’s clothes. #aroundthetable

My Table

I don’t have a dining room exactly, more like an extension beyond my kitchen. I do love the space but it doesn’t get used that often for meals. It is currently a great hiding space for my grandson and the perfect puzzle making table. I have the rubber pads on the corners so little heads don’t get banged up and I still haven’t added any window treatments. The puzzle will get done eventually, as will the windows. For now it’s a great sunny spot to occasionally sit , or hide.   #aroundthetable

Flower Potluck

So much happens #aroundthetable from sewing, crafts, meetings, special events and oh yes, we eat there once in awhile. I love my dinning table just because it is a wonderful place to gather family and friends. At this event- Flower potluck, each woman was able to pick and make her own flower arrangement. I love gathering friends around my dinning table. Happy Day