Around the Table

The dining room in our home is, in truth, not used every day….we seem to find other places to gather and eat. It is still a lovely room to enjoy special occasions and to pull out the special things that have been handed down to us through the years!

The corner cabinets are from Crate and Barrel.

The sideboard was a junk store find that I gave a black dry brush paint treatment.

Our table started out as a plain pine farmtable…I was so tired of the orangy pine. I called my husband one afternoon and said …”do you care if I paint the table?” I painted it right there in the dining room:) 

The hutch from a small furniture store about an hour from my home

The bar a yard sale find last summer. 

One of my favorite things in the room is the fingerpainting above the door to the kitchen. My (now17) daughter painted it when she was 3 :)

Glad to be a part of the Block Party! #aroundthetable

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    I love what you did! So much more fresh and airy than when the table was in its original form. I turned my dining room into a library room so I can enjoy others’ dining rooms instead. Beautiful blue and white vase, rather Asian eh?

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      Thanks Barb, yes it is a wash of colors, some white and a little blue..I have painted or refinished a lot of furniture over the years. I like being able to change things on a whim!

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      Thank you Jennifer, I bought the lanterns from a local specialty gift store in my town several years ago. But now they have them at Pottery Barn! Not truely old…but I love them 🙂

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      Ha! Luckily he is generally just fine with with my schemes:) Many years ago we painted the master bedroom…put it all back together and I HATED it! He kindly and calmly helped me repaint the next weekend 😉

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