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    My favorite! They look so pretty, love the blue and white jars they are in, too. So happy about spring!! And yeah, one of my orchids is dropping flowers too. The other one looks fabulous, though so not sure what’s up.

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    Don’t know what happened to my comment but it’s snowing hard here so it doesn’t seem very springlike. I do love hydrangea though so thanks for the pick me up, Happy Spring!!

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      Oh Barb, sorry about the snow! I know you’ll see spring flowers soon!

      I grew up in upstate New York…so I remember those long, cold winters…brrr

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    I’m in love with hydrangeas from the grocery store! They’re kind of expensive to keep around the house regularly, but they’re just so cheerful sitting there at the store entrance (product placement genius!), I usually end up buying some to put in my wall vase. I figure the extra $$ is worth the pick-me-up I get every time I look at them.

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      My mom had African Violets too! She loved them so. Thanks for your kind words and bringing back a memory…She passed a couple years ago and today was her birthday. It’s so special to remember her love of plants, especially today.

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