Barn table

I don’t usually brag.  Really.  But I just have to tell you, I have The Table of All Tables!! Heretofore named The Table of All Tables is 14 ft long and has been known to fit 20 people if we squeeze in close and bump knees. 

We were so excited to renovate our 150 year old barn, and very sad when we found out that some of the rafters would need to be replaced to meet code requirements (pesky code).  My husband   (gotta give credit where credit is due) came up with the idea of salvaging the wood to create an enormous farm table!  A talented carpenter friend came and hauled all the wood away, created the table, took it apart, hauled it back, and put it all together again in the loft (there’s no way that thing was comin’ up the stairs!). 

And that’s the way The Table of All Tables was born.  Let’s eat

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