A Spring Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table is small, but it’s perfect for our space.  It functions for quick breakfasts, long lunches, and homework sessions.  I found the old Pepsi crate at a flea market, and now it serves as a useful centerpiece.  The spoon holder is a family tradition that reminds me of my grandmother every day, and I love the vintage blue Ball jar for a seasonal touch.  Oh how I would love to chat with all of you over a cup of tea!   #aroundthetable

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    Beautiful Kimm. I absolutely love your pictures with the beautiful light coming in. I’ve got to work on capturing that beauty in my pictures. A cup of tea with you would be marvelous!!

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    Nice table Kimm… lots of character and sense of history. I like that Pepsi crate so much! In April, we are having a Tea Festival here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Your comment immediately reminded me of my best friend who loves tea! I always join her for a cup although I am a coffee drinker at heart. It all speaks to friendship and hospitality to me. Looking forward to more posts. πŸ™‚

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    Lovely! The mason jar and old crate remind me of my childhood in the South, though Coca-Cola advertizing was more prevalent than Pepsi in those “neck of the woods”.

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    What a lovely picture Kimm …. I love the crate but what really resonated with me was the spoon holder……. my mother always had a glass container on her trolley in the dining room, and for some reason it never occurred to me to do the same……. I have inherited lots of lovely silver spoons from family and they all live in my cutlery drawer waiting to be used! Thank you for reminding me – I’m off to deal with this!!!!!………………

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    I love the Pepsi crate and the blue jar – you are speaking my language. My grandmother also had a spoon dish handy. I don’t know what happened to her beautiful dish, but I have copied her and have a container of spoons at the ready. Good memories of our grandmother’s.

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    I’m crazy about how you put that nest in the branches. They are so delicate but can still hold it up. Definitely stealing that idea. I don’t know when my love for nests began but a random one in the house makes me smile. Beautiful.

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    What a pretty centerpiece! I love the crate and the nest resting in the branches. I also really like the lighting in this photo….such a pretty picture!

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