Around the Table

The only other table I have is a foldable one in my small sunroom besides the larger table in my kitchen nook.  I spend a lot of time in my sunroom lately because it is bright, airy, and cool now that Floridian winter is over.  I write academic work there, take my coffee, tea, and other cold drinks there.  My young children play and draw around the table also.  We do many activities on that modest table.  #aroundthetable

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    I love your bright and colorful style and personality! It seems all of your rooms are full of light and bold colors. My sunroom is the one room where I’ve really dabbled with colors…I’m going for a Cote d’Azur/Polynesian tropical vibe, since I’ve collected a few favorite souvenirs from those travel destinations. I’m working to blend the vibrant turquoise/fushia/yellow/orange of southern France with the geometric browns and beiges of tapa cloths from the Pacific. I like to think it’s influenced by Matisse’s cutouts, which are rather geometric compositions of bright colors. It’s the one room that’s really all mine. My husband is Belgian, and he’s been much influenced by the rather subdued colors he’s grown up around…typical Belgian decor is full of natural colors and fabrics. Very attractive, but sometimes not too original or daring in my mind. I’m planning to paint the two-story wall that backdrops to the stairwell in our neutral-toned entryway a bold blue one day. My husband’s freaking out at the thought, so I’ve still got some convincing to do to make it a reality!

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    Thank you for the compliment, Jennifer. As you can see I am not afraid of bold, bright, and saturated colors! My husband is German, and he doesn’t mind what I do with the house in terms of decor as long as it is not kitschy or full of tchotchkes. For me white walls work best with bold colors because it is a clean palette to showcase any color you want. You notice myfurniture is brown mostly and some black. Those pieces are timeless and I don’t have to change them. The furniture keeps everything else grounded and doesn’t go too feminine or soft. So I think I have found a good balance between decor and basic and functional furniture. Presently I am going for vintage style decorating.

    I am so enthusiastic with your plan to mix and add colors and to display your collection from you travel. I love tropical decorating also. Showcase what you have and make your decor choices your own. I am reallyt confident in the way I decorate my home. Post pictures of your sunroom when you are happy with it. Now that it is spring I am in my sunroom a lot of time.

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