Dried flowers

I have had great fun drying flowers this past year. They really keep the colour well and if you chose tiny flowers in bright colours they would make gorgeous table scatter or confetti for a natural wedding

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    I see you are a lady of many talents!!!
    You can enjoy your flowers all season……what a clever idea!

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    Hi Cherie! What a beautiful array of dried flowers! There is such a variety of colors in your collection, that you can use them for decorating all year round. Very Nice! πŸ™‚

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    Hi, Cherie! Great inspiration! I’m going to try drying and pressing some leaves this fall. I’ve never attempted it before, but I want to snatch some of the leaves from my German landlords’ grapevines so that I can gift them back to them this Christmas in a set of coasters. I’m planning to use my stained glass skills to cut two transparent glass circles, foil them and then solder them together with a leaf sandwiched between. Finally, I want to apply a copper patina to the solder. Here’s hoping it’ll work and look good!

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      Thanks Jean, I bought a bag of dessicant from ebay (or it might have been amazon) after watching a video on You Tube

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