New Furniture Piece for Kitchen!

Back in the Spring, I did a Mini Kitchen Makeover. I had moved my storage bookshelf underneath the new wall shelf as you can see in the Photo Below. The bookshelf had served it’s purpose for a long time. But when I moved it against this wall, I felt the dimensions were too small in this space and I just wasn’t satisfied. So, I searched the internet and fell in love with this new cabinet! It gives me much more storage and I am so much happier with the dimensions in this space. I wish you can see it in person. It is really bigger than it looks in this photo.  I love the way it makes the kitchen look now! What do you think? :)

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      Thank you Nancy! πŸ™‚ I bought a few acorns in different colors at “Michael’s” here in South Jersey. It’s a craft store. If you don’t have a Michael’s where you live, I would try at your local craft store or online. I also found some larger ones at TJ Max.

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    Hi, Maria! What a great internet find! Yes, it fits the space much better than the former cabinet. I hope you can still find a use for the old shelves that have served you so well for so long. Lately–probably due to so many great ideas posted on this site–I’ve started looking at all my old pieces of furniture stored away in my basement in a new light, trying to figure out how to re-purpose them and integrate them back into my decor. What fun!

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      Thank you Jennifer! This is actually is a new piece of furniture, made to look like more of a vintage piece. That’s what I love about it! I have some old pieces of furniture too, that I would love to refurbish. If only I could find the time! If you ever re-purpose any furniture pieces, please post! I love before and after photos. πŸ™‚

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    I love it – the new piece fits perfectly there!! I always love a piece of furniture in a kitchen – I don’t have room in my current kitchen but I’m not complaining……there’s tons of storage and counter space so I’m happy!

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    I think you made a great purchase in your new cabinet! It definitely fills the space better and the added storage is priceless. I love the bright white color!

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      Thank you Barb! I was so excited to make this purchase. It’s been a while since I bought new furniture. I am very pleased with it. It really brightens up the look in my kitchen. Now if I could only get the new flooring that I have been longing for! lol πŸ™‚

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    What a great way to freshen up a kitchen, Maria!. We, too, live in a small home and are always looking for ways to inexpensively make things look lovely. Great job!

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