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    I see you are a lady of many talents!!!
    You can enjoy your flowers all season……what a clever idea!

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    Hi Cherie! What a beautiful array of dried flowers! There is such a variety of colors in your collection, that you can use them for decorating all year round. Very Nice! πŸ™‚

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    Hi, Cherie! Great inspiration! I’m going to try drying and pressing some leaves this fall. I’ve never attempted it before, but I want to snatch some of the leaves from my German landlords’ grapevines so that I can gift them back to them this Christmas in a set of coasters. I’m planning to use my stained glass skills to cut two transparent glass circles, foil them and then solder them together with a leaf sandwiched between. Finally, I want to apply a copper patina to the solder. Here’s hoping it’ll work and look good!

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