Fall in the Country “ Loving it”

I am smiling as I type this first entry attempt at blogging!!! Hello out there…delighted to join the group of like minded home decorating enthusiasts. I am thrilled to be living life  in the country on a dirt road with my partner and Shepadoodle. We love the ease of distressed hardwood floors, as well as the sparkle of mirror which punctuate our home. You might say I am a person of extreme contrasts…there are no decorating rules…other than if I love it..I use it.

Welcome to fall in my neck of the woods.

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    Welcome to the group! It looks as though you are living in such a beautiful and serene place. & I love the wood panels up on your walls. Your touches of Autumn are so pretty. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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    I live in a beautiful country setting as well and couldn’t be happier! As a NYC transplant about 12 years ago I have to say I have never looked back.

    Your home looks so cozy!

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    Welcome, Robin! What a beautiful place to live, and your dining room is so charming. I’d love to come to dinner there! SO cozy!! I’m thrilled you are here and can’t wait to get to know you and your home better. xo

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    Hello Robin! Your picture captures the beauty of fall so well. (I am not good at taking pictures)This is definitely my favourite time to go outside and breathe in the wonder of nature.
    I love the cozy dining room. It looks like you are all set for a lovely dinner with special people! I, too, am a retired teacher. I look forward to seeing and sharing more from you. Feel free to drop by my space sometime! 🙂

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    Okay….I need some help……….how do you put a picture in that little ball next to my name????
    I’m a little slow!!!!

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    Welcome, Robin! I love your sense of contrasts–the chandelier and Venetian-style mirror look great in your rustic dining area. I like your copper pots, too. I’m trying to figure out how to integrate some small copper pieces into my German country kitchen ( a rental). It’s got similar paneling except on the ceiling and floors and not the walls. The walls are white, and it’s been renovated with modern white cabinetry. I want to make it feel a little more cozy. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Wow, Robin. You are blessed to live in such a beautiful setting. Amazing view of the country road with vibrant fall colors. So I am learning to use this website so I can count my blessings, too, with my home in the city. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

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