This year, I have the chance to decorate my own home for fall. And I love it. My budget doesn’t allow for big purchases, but I am slowly adding to my collection. Like the Pumpkin Elixir candle above.

 Or this adorable mummy bowl, spotted in the $3 bin at Target! 

My classroom is enjoying an autumn refresh as well…

My Peanuts-themed door – complete with it’s own Pumpkin King!

I love autumn. 
 I love orange, red, and yellow leaves.
 I love hot drinks, and pot roasts, and gourd flavored soup. 
I love snuggly blankets, scarves, boots, and sweater weather. 
 I love waking up a cool, crisp morning, throwing on my sneakers, and walking around the neighborhood, or to our local Publix. 
I love the shorter days, that make the sun so much sweeter, and the longer nights, inviting me to cuddle down on my sofa.
 I love the holidays. 
I love Thanksgiving. 
It helps that my birthday sometimes falls on this day.
But Thanksgiving to me means – delicious food, all day football, desserts, and friends who feel like family.

This is my favorite time of year.

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  1. 1

    Welcome!!! Congrats on starting your little collection of Fall themed decor. Before you know it you’ll be labeling boxes and hauling them in and out of the attic! We seem to love the same stuff so I think you’ll feel right at home among us. Publix.. sweet music to my ears.. Oh how I miss it up here in the Pacific NW. You must be in the FL, GA area … Cant wait to see more pics. I am home sick during the holidays! 😀

  2. 3

    I love it. Nothing more Fallish than getting your home to smell like fall with a new candle, so happy you are getting to start bringing fall to your own home. Enjoy the season and thank you for sharing with us! <3

  3. 5

    Hello Kelly! I love your mummy bowl! It is so cute. Being a retired teacher, I also remember how much I loved decorating my classroom and bulletin boards. 🙂 Wishing you all the joys of this season! 🙂

  4. 7

    Hi Kelly! So glad you are joining us! I haven’t yet mentioned this in our internet neighborhood, but I am 8 year craft maker of homemade Soy Scented Candles and there is no better way to welcome in the season than with Fall Scented Candles! Adorable mummy bowl! I think your off to a good start! 🙂

  5. 8

    Welcome, Kelly! I, too, love the sight, sounds, scents and tastes of autumn. I’m hoping it actually lasts a little bit longer here in Europe–it’s unseasonably colder and snowing already in the mountains to the east and south. Brrrr! You come across as very creative –great little “poem” describing why you like fall so much!

    • 9

      Ha! Thank you. That was my English Lit degree coming out 😀 It was a paragraph, and then I looked more and thought… this sounds more like a poem! I can’t believe you’re already seeing snow! That’s what we would experience visiting my grandparents in upstate New York… brrr is right! I’m a new Southerner, so still getting used to these warmer fall days. Thanks for your comment!!

  6. 10

    Hi Kelly, thank you for putting into such lovely words how I feel about fall!! Especially the snugly blanket and scented candle parts. There’s nothing like walking into your home from the brisk outdoors and being greeted by a yummy pumpkin/caramel smell. It’s the best!!

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