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Hi, everyone!  I live in Dallas, TX and have for all but 3 years of my life. Those were spent in Houston and Peoria, IL. That being said, you would think that I am somewhat settled in my home. However, it has been quite the opposite as I have moved eleven times since having kids (30 years ago). Too many to count going back to since married. This transient lifestyle of mine has contributed to my love to decorate. It seemed I was doing it so often, each time with a little (or bigger) different spin on it than the last time. Of course, I wouldn’t take this path of my own choosing, but there is a lot to learn in making each place (either owned or rented) a home while you are there. My current home, since September 2014, is a work in progress. I look forward to sharing some of it with you along the way.  Of course, also stealing … oops, I mean seeing, some of your ideas too!

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    Hi, Judy. I’m a native Dallasonian (is that what we’re called?), too, though I have only lived in Dallas maybe a total of three years in my life. I have also had a nomad’s life, but that has been of my own choosing with a career in the US Air Force. That led to 14 moves in 24 years, so got you beat there! I can totally relate to the love of decorating from having to do it again, and again, and again, each time in a different home with changes in style to match the house. I retired from the military almost two years ago and bought a house in Belgium (I married a Belgian), where I plan to settle for the rest of my life. I’m now busy trying to incorporate all my accumulated treasures from my travels into a unified style of my own, and like you, look forward to sharing ideas along the way. See you around the neighborhood!

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    Hi, Jennisfer! Always good to hear from someone who can understand where I’m coming from. I will keep any eye out for you on here. Belgian! Congrats on the marriage, family, and new home.

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