Welcome To My Home and the start of my #LoveYourHomeChallenge

Welcome to our home

As I finish up “Love The Home You Have” I see that I may have a long process ahead of me to cultivate contentment and love for my home, but that is not going to stop me!  I am excited to begin the #LoveYourHomeChallenge today!

Yesterday as I was standing outside watching my kids play, (which I am extremely grateful and blessed that I can be home with my kids every day, and that we have a home where we can go outside and play and ride bikes!), I dug through unused items in our garage, items that were being saved for a future garage sale no less, and I made a lovely welcoming display for our front door.

Since these are items that I was getting rid of, what difference did it make if they were going to get weathered?  And so began this journey of seeing my home in a new light, learning to use what I have in new ways, and ultimately loving the home I have.

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    Thanks for sharing you first challenge. I love it when I realize I already have what I need to create a welcoming home. It’s funny how my first thought is often that I need to go buy something, but if I can slow down for a moment and look around, I usually can figure out how to solve the problem or create whatever it was I needed with what I already have!

    Enjoy doing the challenges, I can’t wait for you to share!

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      Thank you Melissa! It was so very encouraging to read your book, and knowing you were living here in my neck of the woods was definitely a fun added bonus!! 🙂

      I am excited for the challenges and learning to love my home and what I have!

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