Mission Accomplished:Bookshelves in the Foyer Finally

Summer season is just about to be over; at last 4 new bookshelves stacked against the walls in my foyer room.  I have had a strong desire to have bookshelves in my foyer for a long time. The front red door opens to the foyer; inside the foyer the French/glass door opens to the house.  I like the fact that the foyer room is a buffer between the front door and the rest of the house.  I put in enough books and some decor so I could take some pictures, but the real goal is to put books on the shelves—as is the function of bookshelves.  I don’t really like to overstyle or overdecorate bookshelves because I have many books and need each shelf for each subject heading.  I Like symmetry so I fully decorated the top of each of my 4 shelves; this way the eyes are drawn vertically upward because my foyer has high/tall ceiling. #loveyourhomechallenge.

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Summertime Projects


   Summertime projects were at a minimum this year!  Summer has passed so quickly!  Early summer, in June, we went to Emerald Isle, North Carolina and enjoyed a week of vacation on the beach with two of our children, the loves of their lives, and our grandchildren. 

   Back home, our oldest daughter, Danielle, who was pregnant with her first baby, ended up having severe pre-eclampsia and her daughter, Memphis Belle, was born six weeks early!  She called us earlier in the week to let us know what was happening, but Memphis was born Saturday morning just before we left for home.  She weighed four pounds two ounces and was breathing on her own!  This is a picture of the first time I was allowed to hold this little cutie the next morning!

    Summer has flown by with the new grandbaby, but I have still managed to work on the second bathroom and am almost finished!  A decorative piece over the toilet is the remaining project.

   We ripped up the vinyl flooring and Dave put down the cement backer board.  I laid the travertine tile and grouted it.  I LOVE the new floor! 

   We removed the builder grade mirror.   Crown molding was added, along with new thicker baseboards and both were painted an off-white color.  The walls were painted a Dublin gray, which was pulled from the travertine tile.  I painted the doors the same Dublin gray, following the indentations in the door.  It seems to give the door so much more character. 

   The vanity was ordered from Home Depot.  It was on sale and I love it.  Did I tell you I love the beach?  This piece reminds me of the beach because of the shutter doors, I guess. There is an understated touch of the beach in every room of our home. 

   The mirror is a purchase from years ago and has been positioned over my antique sofa in the living room, but I think it is perfect over the vanity.  I love the new look and wish I had tiled these floors long ago!

Wish Me Luck #LoveYourHomeChallenge  (Update)

HELP! How did a room in my house get so out of control?!  That is a question I ask myself every day and so begins Day 2: decluttering.  I could make decluttering my home a never ending #LoveYourHomeChallenge, but when I think of one place that is OUT OF CONTROL it is my desk area, which is also part of the kid’s playroom.  So today I will focus on getting order in this space, and through order in the space I will hopefully clear space in my mind to think, work, and create. 

Here is my before picture…

Stay tuned and later I will post the (hopefully) amazing after :)

Okay, so days later and I am still not completely finished…but I wanted to post the “after” since it is almost done.  What I did – got rid of the hutch, decluttered and tossed a lot, and made a chore chart station that now holds the kid’s school stuff/art stuff/and other office items.

So here is what I have left to do:

Get my papers filed

Get art on the wall (which requires painting a frame I have laying around)

And go through one last small basket of stuff to keep/toss/etc.

I feel my head already a bit clearer now that I have made so much progress on this project!!

Welcome To My Home and the start of my #LoveYourHomeChallenge

As I finish up “Love The Home You Have” I see that I may have a long process ahead of me to cultivate contentment and love for my home, but that is not going to stop me!  I am excited to begin the #LoveYourHomeChallenge today!

Yesterday as I was standing outside watching my kids play, (which I am extremely grateful and blessed that I can be home with my kids every day, and that we have a home where we can go outside and play and ride bikes!), I dug through unused items in our garage, items that were being saved for a future garage sale no less, and I made a lovely welcoming display for our front door.

Since these are items that I was getting rid of, what difference did it make if they were going to get weathered?  And so began this journey of seeing my home in a new light, learning to use what I have in new ways, and ultimately loving the home I have.