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   Summertime projects were at a minimum this year!  Summer has passed so quickly!  Early summer, in June, we went to Emerald Isle, North Carolina and enjoyed a week of vacation on the beach with two of our children, the loves of their lives, and our grandchildren. 

   Back home, our oldest daughter, Danielle, who was pregnant with her first baby, ended up having severe pre-eclampsia and her daughter, Memphis Belle, was born six weeks early!  She called us earlier in the week to let us know what was happening, but Memphis was born Saturday morning just before we left for home.  She weighed four pounds two ounces and was breathing on her own!  This is a picture of the first time I was allowed to hold this little cutie the next morning!

    Summer has flown by with the new grandbaby, but I have still managed to work on the second bathroom and am almost finished!  A decorative piece over the toilet is the remaining project.

   We ripped up the vinyl flooring and Dave put down the cement backer board.  I laid the travertine tile and grouted it.  I LOVE the new floor! 

   We removed the builder grade mirror.   Crown molding was added, along with new thicker baseboards and both were painted an off-white color.  The walls were painted a Dublin gray, which was pulled from the travertine tile.  I painted the doors the same Dublin gray, following the indentations in the door.  It seems to give the door so much more character. 

   The vanity was ordered from Home Depot.  It was on sale and I love it.  Did I tell you I love the beach?  This piece reminds me of the beach because of the shutter doors, I guess. There is an understated touch of the beach in every room of our home. 

   The mirror is a purchase from years ago and has been positioned over my antique sofa in the living room, but I think it is perfect over the vanity.  I love the new look and wish I had tiled these floors long ago!

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  1. 1

    Congrats on the birth of your grand daughter, Debra! It doesn’t sound like re-doing a bathroom is a very big project for you, but it certainly would be for me! Impressive effort ripping up flooring, tiling, painting, installing crown molding, replacing the vanity and mirror. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about all that! I really like the gray with the white accent. Well done.

    • 2

      Thanks, Jennifer! Memphis is such a blessing. We had given up hope of Danielle ever having kids. She is 37 and really enjoys being a mother.
      The tiling is not as difficult as I imagined it to be. This is the second bath I have tiled. What a tremendous difference it makes! The whole project went so much faster in my mind!

  2. 4

    So happy for you Debra! Memphis Belle! Now that’s a standout name! Seems she is already showing her strength.
    I’m impressed with the remodeling job. I could never do the tiling. Way to go lady!
    I too, had a hard time doing any summer projects. Summer here was way too short and spring seemed non-existent. I hoping the lovely September we are having will jump start my fall projects. 🙂

    • 5

      Thanks, Nancy! Memphis is a strong little girl. Her pediatrician was so surprised at how well she was doing and she is growing and gaining weight like a champ.
      You could do the tile, too. It is not really that hard. I did find that mixing a little of the mortar at a time works better for me. I am a little slower than a pro!
      Can’t wait to see all the fall projects but I am already missing summer!

  3. 6

    Hi Jerry! Congratulations! I hope Memphis Belle is doing well! 🙂 Thats a beautiful picture of you and your granddaughter. One to treasure!
    You have chosen such a beautiful cabinet for your bathroom! I like the doors on it very much too! I can only see a small portion of your flooring, which I love! And I can only imagine how grand it must look with your cabinet! Really Nice!

    • 7

      Thanks, Maria! The floor is gorgeous! I will not be covering it with a rug! I decided to place a terry bath mat on the tub for everyone to use when needed instead. What a difference that makes in that room!

  4. 8
    • 9

      I get that a lot with the first name last name! Lol! I once was put on a men’s work crew when I was in the Navy. Were they ever surprised when I showed up for work! They thought my name was Jerry Debra!

  5. 10

    You had a lot going on during your summer. Congrats on the birth of your granddaughter. I hope all is doing well in your family. Life can throw you a curve and be hectic. Your bathroom looks refreshed. I love what you did with the door.

    • 11

      to the ladies who recommended hand lotions: thank you 🙂 I will let you know how the Body Shop hemp cream works. Apparently, it is the most hesyi/vntenae hand cream they have.

  6. 12

    Thanks, Hanh! We just never know what God’s plan is, do we? Memphis and Danielle are doing great.
    The idea for the painted door was inspired from watching a program on television. I am always looking at the backgrounds, the trim, and architecture when I watch a show. Sometimes, I stop the program, rewind, and pause so I can completely wrap my head around an idea! Lol! It might not always be so fun to watch a show with me!

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