My show prize winners

1st prize in the recycling section.

I made this from ring pulls/poptabs and it won me a first prize at the show. I am thrilled to bits cos I was also awarded  Reserve Champion for my woodcarving.  Also won a 1st for my little beaded box.  If only you could have seen the smile on my face yesterday when I saw that I had some winning entries

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    Congratulations Cherie! I am not surprised! That is such a COOL handbag/backpack!! That is the only word that came to my mind. You have so much talent! Very Well Deserved!! 🙂

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    Congrats Cheri! Why does this big win not surprise me! You are so talented and you sure deserve some recognition. Well done! X

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      Thanks Nila. I have great fun every year thinking up things to make for the show. I am already considering next years entries

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