Mission Accomplished:Bookshelves in the Foyer Finally

Summer season is just about to be over; at last 4 new bookshelves stacked against the walls in my foyer room.  I have had a strong desire to have bookshelves in my foyer for a long time. The front red door opens to the foyer; inside the foyer the French/glass door opens to the house.  I like the fact that the foyer room is a buffer between the front door and the rest of the house.  I put in enough books and some decor so I could take some pictures, but the real goal is to put books on the shelves—as is the function of bookshelves.  I don’t really like to overstyle or overdecorate bookshelves because I have many books and need each shelf for each subject heading.  I Like symmetry so I fully decorated the top of each of my 4 shelves; this way the eyes are drawn vertically upward because my foyer has high/tall ceiling. #loveyourhomechallenge.

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      Thank you Nicci. I am glad you noticed my autumnal decor already. I have so many real paintings (not store-bought) that it is becoming a problem to store them so I just put them high on top of tall surfaces: decor and storage I can see. If you are on here long enough you will notice tha I love bright, bold, and saturated colors.

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    Welcome home Hanh! 🙂 I really like how you used the black tables as a console table. Cute idea!
    I really enjoyed browsing through the items on your shelves! The vintage pieces like the truck, airplane and picture of Audrey really add charm.
    Speaking of charm…your kids are growing fast! It is nice to see their pictures as family is what really makes a home special.

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      Thank you so much Nancy for your endearing words. I wish I can invite you to tea or just invite you. Those black tables are slim enough but big enough for surcface space, very versatile. So chairs and talble for practical use. I have almost 20 tall bookshelves. I only had to buy the 4 shelves; the rest I already had in my furnishing inventory. You know my kids just tend to be in my decor photos so randomly. Both by sons just turned 7 and 3 this September. How was your summer?

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        Lovely summer Hanh. I don’t think you can beat Nova Scotia in the summer time. It is a lovely place to be and I enjoy taking day trips around my province, visiting friends at their cottages and relaxing with good books. 🙂

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    Hi Hanh! What a unique idea for a foyer! As usual, I love that you keep the theme of bright colors throughout your home! I also like how you used the snack tables for a console too. And the contrast of the white shelfs with the black tables define this space well. I think you did a great job displaying the books & things on the shelfs and tables too! I especially like the red truck and plane. Adorable! 🙂

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      Thank you Maria. I must say I am really got I cleaned up my foyer and now I have shelving space to add books to. My foyer is decently sized so the shelves don’t get in the way of traffic between the French door and front door. At times I don’t know what my decor style is because I just use what I already have. My older son was abusing his vintage style plan and truck so I save the by putting them on the shelves. Did you have a good summer?

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    Hi, Hanh! I, too, really like what you’ve done in your foyer. When one walks through the door, she immediately gets a sense for your unique style and who you are–books, red gingham with black accents, old pieces of furniture used in new ways, and always a touch of whimsy. The paintings draw my eyes up toward the tall ceiling. My favorite is the one with the girl walking in a meadow, reaching up to grab a tree branch. Very well put together!

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      Thank you Jennifer. I have so many real paintings I just don’t know where to store them anymore. The painting you like is one of my daughter’s paintings that she likes. Besides the newly bought bookshelves, I just used all the decor and furnishing I have on hand. I am happy with the foyer now, too, because no more crap is in there and I can open the door when people come in. I could not do that before.. Thanks for noticing. Did you have a good summer?

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    Looking at your foyer photos brightened my day, Hanh. The colors and layers of textures and patterns are so happy. I love how you display your books. They are like little works of art!

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      Thank you Karen. If you are on here long enough you will know I love bright and bold colors. While I don’t discriminate any decorating style, I don’t really have to fit in any singular style either. I just use what I have and my decor turn out however it turns out. But mostly I prefer cottage and vintage.. Are slipcovers for your sofas? Do you have a business website? I think I might like something to ocver my black leather sofas from time to time so it’s less boring.

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