The Newlywed Nest

A week after our wedding in Los Angeles, my husband and I packed the car and headed to Austin, TX to pursue a master’s degree in Music Composition. We moved our possessions into a 650 sq. ft. apartment. 
We were lucky enough to find one newly remodeled, which eased my fears of wall-to-wall carpet and renter’s beige walls. The kitchen counter sort of looks like granite, which I believe was a previous resident’s Pinterest project. I think it looks pretty nice. The first week, we had an Amazon box as our dining table, until my in-laws brought this card table for us to use. 

Below is our living room area, complete with makeshift couch. The old dining table is re-purposed here as a coffee table.

We are both avid readers, so we have a lot of books. I had to donate half of my collection before we moved, but I hope to build it up again! The bookshelf is also home to a number of items I have collected over the years.

My favorite thing about the apartment is by far the kitchen. I am amazed that we found room in the cabinets for all of our dishes. The shelf over the sink is a great place to store some of our prettier things. 

This is my husband’s workstation. It’s a lot bigger than it looks, and it took up what we think was originally designed as the dining area. It’s nice to here him writing new pieces or practicing piano while working in the kitchen.

Overall, the apartment is a big work in progress. It can be nerve-wracking at times for my perfectionist self to not have everything in perfect order, but I am learning to be content and enjoy the process of creating our new home together. 

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    Hi Tori, I think this is a great little apartment! We had a pretty new apartment when we first got married (4 years ago) and it was really nice to have it feel clean and not icky from all the people before us. Also I love those white shelves in the kitchen, I want some too 🙂

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    Congrats on your move & new adventures in life! It’s great to see you’ve moved in and are really making it feel like home 🙂

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  4. 4

    Congratulations Tori! I fondly remember my first apartment! You are at a stage where all things are possible. I wish you many happy days in this space and much success with the Music Composition…I assume it is your husband’s pursuit???? Are you a musician as well? Music is so ingrained in the events of my life. I wish I had the gift but sadly, I am tone deaf. 🙂 Still I enjoy songs and melodies and I am grateful to those who can produce such beauty in our world!

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