Number 20 As Promised #20littlethings 

In  my post Twenty Little Things That Are Really Big Things, I promised to share number 20 as soon as I had finished it. Well,as life would have it, many things got in the way and of course I took longer than I anticipated. Happily, today I am getting around to sharing my little project. 

When my daughter moved to her own apartment last summer, I redecorated her bedroom as a guest room with my granddaughters in mind. On their first sleepover visit, the oldest , McKenna, wanted to know if there was an empty drawer for her things. I had put a small IKEA chest in the room but had not emptied it as I needed the space. So I now had a mission to find a good wooden dresser to give me more drawer space. I am much inspired by the posts and websites where so many DIY projects are posted so, I also was hankering to do over a piece of furniture. I found this dresser at a local consignment store and the project began.

I began with this blond bombshell above. I used Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformations in a cottage blue colour. The handles were cleaned and sprayed with a shiny gold. Here they are before…

Once I had completed the project, I found the blue was the wrong colour for the guest room and I set it up in my bedroom. I’m not 100% sure  about the colour in here. What do you think? #helpa sisterout .

I knew this would be my number 20 because I am notorious for not completing my projects and crafts (many unfinished quilts, knitting, and rugs not hooked). But I knew this was going to be finished and the sense of accomplishment would make it special to my home. πŸ™‚ 

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    It looks lovely. I love how it picks up the blue in the bedding. You should be very proud of a job well done. I too have dozens of unfinished projects. I have a butterfly brain and can’t settle on anything for too long

  3. 5

    Well done, Nancy! I think the blue works perfectly with the bedspread and the artwork above the bed, and it blends very well with the wall color. The room has a cool, refreshing feel to it. I am also one who starts something and may not finish it before I start another project, and then another, and another…

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    Thanks Jennifer. The more I live with it, the more pleased I am. Now I am on the search for a chair for the corner near the window…I might just make that a furniture redo as well. Hope your vacation is going well. Looking forward to seeing what finds you bring home. Cheers!

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    I think it looks great Nancy. I especially liked the blonde bombshell description. It’s a great color, very refreshing and you can always change it if you change your bedding. I’m headed to a huge flea market here in CT tomorrow, you’ve inspired me.

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        Oh my! Are you going to the Elephant’s Trunk? I watch Flea Market Flip and I am amazed by the size of it and by the unique items there. My daughter and I are going to New Hampshire at the end of August and we are checking for flea markets along the way. Wherever you are headed, have a blast and let us know how you make out! πŸ™‚

  7. 11

    Hey Nance, it was indeed the Elephants Trunk in New Milford CT. It is where they film flea market flip, about a half hour from my house. We never got through all of the vendors as my grandson who’s three came with us but I loved poking through everything. Didn’t find what I wanted, did find some large maps but not quite right. You should go! It’s only on Sundays and just two dollars to get in.

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      Yep! My daughter and I are putting it on our bucket list. My grandson is three too, however, he turns four on August 1st. Four has become his favourite number. I can’t imagine Dax lasting at a flea market! πŸ™‚

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      Thanks Sandy! One day with friends, I expressed a desire to make my home more related to the ocean as Nova Scotia is known as “Canada’s Ocean Playground”. I have always loved how American’s show so much love for their country by using Americana decor and I wanted to do something similar in my space. This piece has really added a “cottage” feel and now I am considering looking for other pieces to coordinate with this feel without going too thematic. Wish me luck! Thanks for taking the time to visit! πŸ™‚

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    You did a super job! I love the colour blue you chose to go with. It really makes everything look so fresh and inviting.

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      Thanks Nila! Don’t mean to be naughty, but I am giggling at the thought of making my bedroom inviting! I have become a confirmed single lady! πŸ™‚
      Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer… Cheers!

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    Hi Nancy! It’s amazing how paint can transform a piece of furniture! It’s beautiful! You are becoming quite the designer! It must be such a good feeling when you walk into your bedroom.
    Loving it!! πŸ™‚

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    Great post! I think it’s a great idea I grew up with aquariums and if it weren’t for hivang determined felines I would probably still have one. They are a great idea, the only downside is keeping them clean but they are easy enough to maintain. I love the fact you look for ways to improve the lives of others! You truly are an inspiration!

  12. 20

    Love, love, love, the blue dresser!!!! Totally in keeping with the theme of water and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.
    You should be very proud of yourself to have undertaken and completed this major project.
    A++ for you!!!!

  13. 22

    Nancy, I love it! I’ve always wanted to do a painted piece but never have. You did a great job!

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