Number 20 As Promised #20littlethings 

In  my post Twenty Little Things That Are Really Big Things, I promised to share number 20 as soon as I had finished it. Well,as life would have it, many things got in the way and of course I took longer than I anticipated. Happily, today I am getting around to sharing my little project. 

When my daughter moved to her own apartment last summer, I redecorated her bedroom as a guest room with my granddaughters in mind. On their first sleepover visit, the oldest , McKenna, wanted to know if there was an empty drawer for her things. I had put a small IKEA chest in the room but had not emptied it as I needed the space. So I now had a mission to find a good wooden dresser to give me more drawer space. I am much inspired by the posts and websites where so many DIY projects are posted so, I also was hankering to do over a piece of furniture. I found this dresser at a local consignment store and the project began.

I began with this blond bombshell above. I used Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformations in a cottage blue colour. The handles were cleaned and sprayed with a shiny gold. Here they are before…

Once I had completed the project, I found the blue was the wrong colour for the guest room and I set it up in my bedroom. I’m not 100% sure  about the colour in here. What do you think? #helpa sisterout .

I knew this would be my number 20 because I am notorious for not completing my projects and crafts (many unfinished quilts, knitting, and rugs not hooked). But I knew this was going to be finished and the sense of accomplishment would make it special to my home. 🙂