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    Oh my! What a wonderful Buddha! Things are looking lush Cherie. Nice to see all your hard work paying off. What are the tall curly metal pieces for? Design or function?

    Well, I’m off to view my tape of Coronation Street from Friday. Hope all is well with you and Tony! Cheers!

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        That was my guess. I must be picking up some gardening smarts even though I have never been a gardener. I’ve been driving around my neighbourhood in the last few days and thinking I will do a “Thank You Gardeners!” post. I am so grateful to the people who create such amazing spaces that I can enjoy! I LOVE gardens and the people who create them. 🙂 Cheers! 🙂

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    Looks cozy, Cherie! If North Yorkshire experienced the heat wave that Belgium has lately, then you’ve likely enjoyed some sunny time in your garden.

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    Cherie, I love your eclectic groupings of pots, plants and flowers. I especially love your Buddha! Isn’t it wonderful to have home grown tomatoes?

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