Master Closet Makeover

Over the last year, I had been struggling to store all my clothes in my walk-in closet.  It’s not a small closet so it got me thinking that maybe the problem wasn’t the space, but what I was storing in the space. I was also feeling uninspired getting ready in the mornings and really wanted a change. 

I decided to go through my ENTIRE wardrobe, right down to athletic socks and pare down what I owned.  I’m a professional organizer so this wasn’t hard for me, but I’m a bit of a clothes horse, so this did take a while. I used the Marie Kondo litmus test to guide my process: I only kept what I absolutely loved.   I donated several bags of clothing and shoes, including items from high school!  It was very freeing.  I highly recommend doing this every 6 months or when you swap out your seasonal clothes. 

After I was left with only the items I loved, I decided that I was going to make this my dream closet – a space in which I would love beginning and ending each day.  

Step one was to paint the existing structure and built-in shelving.  Then, I decided to go BOLD and wallpaper the walls and backs of the shelves.  I also swapped out the awful, pre-existing florescent light with a beautiful, prism chandelier that picked up the prism shapes in the wallpaper.  

The finished space has made me SO HAPPY.  I love getting ready in the mornings and being able to easily see and locate what I need as I prepare for my day.  My 10 year-old daughter says it’s like walking into a boutique.  I couldn’t agree more.  :)

To appreciate the transformation, take a look at the before shots… 

Sources:  Cole & Son wallpaper, Lamps Plus chandelier, Linen Jewelry Busts from Nile Corp., and Drawers from ELFA.

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    That’s a dream space Maria! I am very impressed with your strength when it came to purging. I keep meaning to do some more editing of my closets and dressers but I am loathe to let anything go. I will take inspiration from you and get started. Thanks for the push! 🙂

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    Stunning! I have just started reading Marie Kondo’s book and am already itching to start the process. We just moved into a new home, so NOTHING is organized or decorated yet. Your closet is inspiring!

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