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    Very nice decor on the mantel, the console table(?), and the coffee table. I don’t put anything on my coffe table–>young kids you know.

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      Thanks Hanh…I remember those days when my kids were little 🙂 …now just have to be careful not to leave food unattended there..the 4 legged “kid” will take care of that in a second!

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      Thank you so much Melissa..Yours was the first blog I ever followed..I love your style and approach to making a home. THANK YOU for creating this site!! I’m having a great time with it! 🙂

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    Love your white-on-white approach to decorating. As much as I am a color fiend, I also adore the way that white accessories allow the eye to focus on shape, line and texture.

    And you know, any post that ends with a shot of a dog is a clear winner, in my book.

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    Love your home… So beautiful and inviting. I love the way you use trays. I love trays, but am not good at putting things on them that are pretty and appealing to the eye. Your house and dog are darling 🙂

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      Thanks Annette, I do love a good tray!! Trust me, I fuss with my arrangements a lot before I’m happy with them… and then change again the next day sometimes 😉

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      Oh, by the way, will you share where you got the tray with the black and white floral inset and also the wall color in that space? Do you have blog, if not, you should! Thanks!

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        Oh my, no, this is my first and only attempt at blogging 🙂 The black painted tray is from TJ Maxx (several years ago). The paint color in the living room is BM Galveston Grey and BM Dove White on the trim. Thank you for the kind words!

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        I’m sorry I don’t have the wall color for the hall. It has been a while! We are planning to repaint, hopefully soon. It desperately needs to be freshened up.

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    I LOVE IT!! I just called my hubby over and made him take a look too! You have a great eye for decor and your dog is just too cute and stole the show! 😀

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