Feeling At Home

I decorated this little shelf in my bedroom with two blue and white pieces I’ve collected at flea markets with my mom, a candle from a friend, and a funny little alpaca that reminds me of good memories with the girls I lived with in college. The print above (from Graceline) is one of my favorite quotes and was given to me by my best friend for Christmas! These might look like random accessories at first glance, but they all have some kind of meaning to me and it’s one of the many reasons I feel at home here!

I love how we all have little things in our home that can start to tell our story.

What are a few things you have in your house that are meaningful to you?

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    That’s a sweet spot Courtney! I love the alpaca! I especially like your saying. I have special quotes on my walls as well as a great collection on my Pinterest page. If you have seen my posts, you know I am all about decorating my home with meaningful art. Feel free to drop by! 🙂

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