Fill My Life With Flowers

Peonies and Iris fresh-picked from the garden

The summer rains in Kansas have our flowers popping out like never before!  My favorite time is when the peonies and iris bloom together — they make beautiful bouquets!

My wild rosebush in the backyard is going gangbusters. I love how the greenery fills out the arrangement. 

The marigolds and celiosa in my frontyard flower bed look like sea creatures in the bottom of the ocean (at least I think so!)

And these are from my hubby when I was in the hospital two weeks ago (from my favorite floral shop).  As soon as he walked in with them, I felt better already!  Feeling so much better now.

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  1. 1

    Oh Ann! Such lovely flowers!
    I was at a Psychic tea recently and the lady read Fairy Cards. She told me to surround myself with flowers. That was an easy call 🙂 Who doesn’t love flowers!? Peonies are a real favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2

    Just beautiful! I have spent my entire break at work looking at flowers on my phone… and now this post. Just what I needed for inspiration! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous garden.

  3. 3

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