A Family Room

How the family room began.

I started the family room with a fabric story.  It changed a hundred times, but this is where it started.

It changed again.

and again.

It all started with my hubby wanting the TV moved over the fireplace.  I could have cared less about the TV.  What I did want though was a place for my family to gather.  An adult space, but also a place the kids could be comfortable.  I started with fabric because I am obsessed.  Fabric always inspires me.  I wanted a menswear look.  A den.  A sophisticated lounge for men and boys because four of them live in this house.  

I apologize for my photo quality, but this will give you an idea of where I ended up with this room.  See below for how it usually looks…

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    Beautiful! Your remodel is a home run. This room looks like one that can be comfortably lived in. A feet-up-on-the-furniture type of room. Made for sandwiches and sweaty boys and no-fuss living. And that is what I love most of all.

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