Housewarming: Casa de Jules

Hello and welcome to my home!

My name is Jess and my family and I live in a quaint, two-bedroom apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area. My husband is a youth minister and I currently work part-time at a local church. We are blessed with two college-age daughters.

Cooking, reading, essential oils and photography are some of my interests.

I love the blogging community, and especially enjoy getting to know others who love sharing their homes and ideas.

Like many of you, my design style has unfolded over the years, and I’d say that the coast of California is a big influence for my taste today. The changing of the seasons has recently stirred me to begin decluttering and sprucing up areas in our apartment, which has been a lot of fun.

Our master bedroom is an exciting work in progress. Listed are some of the sources below:

1. Multi-Colored Lumbar Pillow – Home Goods (This pillow represents our home’s color palette perfectly, so it was a thrill to bring home!)

2. Table Lamps – Tuesday Morning (Found these on a whim for a great price.)

3. White Coverlet – Ikea (Clean and white.)

4. Bay Bridge Canvas Photo – Goodwill (Hubby came home with this!)

5. Silk Peonies on Night Stand – Target (An adorable imitation at just $6.99.)

I’m grateful you stopped by and encourage you to make yourself at home. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing more of our home!


Welcome to my home, neighbor! I live in a 1960‘s row home in Philadelphia. <— this is not my dream home. My husband, back before he was my husband, bought the house and gutted it. Now, it‘s a great house and I really do love it. 

I moved in about 4 years ago, and as most newly weds, we had a handful of hand-me-down furniture. I lovingly referred to the space as, “our dorm room”. We have spent the last 4 years buying furniture and having 2 babies. Needless to say, my walls are bare and I need to focus on making my home cozy! My home goal for 2015 is to decorate — something I have always had a passion for. 

Please join me as I make my house a home! Neighbor, I will need your advice along the way!

Excited To Meet You, Neighbor

I am a homemaker who is busy cozying up a little cottage. I love Jesus, family, friends, houses, decorating, writing, books, chocolate, Italian food and blue sky, crisp Autumn days.  

For years, I wanted to be a homemaker, but because I didn‘t have children and because my husband kept going back to school, I never felt that the time was right to indulge that dream. So, over the years I have been an English teacher, Nanny of sorts, Office Manager and Customer Service Specialist. 

Three years ago this June we moved back to my hometown to be near my parents, and this was the perfect time for me to break away from nine to five and enjoy my little cottage. 

Our little house sits next door to my parents.  It is a house my father acquired in 2010 because he wanted a back way into his property. We joked that he had the most expensive driveway in town.  He now has a back driveway, and he agreed that my husband and I could fix up the little house as our weekend getaway.  In 2012, due to health issues with my parents, we moved in full time. It has been an adventure trying to fit contents from two residences into one. 

My brother with the help of a friend and my father did most of the remodeling and updating.   There are still things (new roof, better landscaping, paint exterior and so forth) that need to be done as time and money permit.  For now we are learning to live simply and be thankful for our blessings.

Today I’ll share some of the outside pics and save the interior for next time.

Another dream I‘ve had over the years is to be a writer. The dream is always there and has shown up in spurts, but in January of 2011 I got serious about writing and started a Writers group at my church and then later that year began a blog. I thought my blog would be a combination of house decor and writing, but the writing became the focus rather than the house.

I‘m still not sure what direction my writing will ultimately take, and I am currently on a blogging break of sorts. This season has been a curious time of not writing, but I‘m excited to see how it all turns out. 

In the meantime, since I love houses, I thought this would be the perfect spot to call home and share bits and pieces of my home with you. I also thought it would be a great motivator to get me back in the swing of putting my house in order.  

Let‘s have inspiring chats on the front porch swing or at the kitchen table. Excited to meet you, neighbor!


My Family Room, Reinvented

Hi!  I am Kimm, wife of one amazing guy and mother of four kids, ages 13-20 and two adorable dogs.  Life is crazy at our house, and I love every minute of it!  My passions are homemaking, decorating and “reinventing!”  I love to transform my garage sale and flea market finds into functional and fun pieces for our casual home.  My favorite colors are white, gray and aqua, and you’ll see them everywhere you look!

I am a home decor and DIY blogger, and I would love it if you visited my blog at  

I’m so excited about this community, and looking forward to sharing and making new friends!

Casa California

This is my little ranch in NC. It is the first home I purchased by myself and I’ve lived here for just a little over two years. I moved from my home state of KY to be near my boyfriend, who is now my husband. We both live here now and it’s a continuous work in progress. As I type this there are ceilings to be sanded crown moldings to be hung and backsplash to be tiled. I wish I could say that is all of the to-do list, but nope, there is TONS more to do! . 

We both travel a lot for our jobs and it’s mainly been a DIY renovation, so it’s moving at a snails pace. I love it and I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished. It’s come a LONG way. I’ve shared some work in progress stories on my blog, but I haven’t updated the house progress in quite some time.

I look forward to this neat little place of blogland and seeing the stories from others 🙂

Welcome to my home!

I’m so excited to have a place to share our wonderful home with you. My husband and I purchased our first house almost 2 years ago. We had been married a few months prior, and weren’t seriously looking to purchase. We drove by it and fell in love. After settling in, it still didn’t feel like “home”. Paint colors that didn’t fit our personalities & outdated ceramic tile flooring with grout that might’ve been cleaned a handful of times in its 15 years. Some updates we’ve done out of necessity and many others to put our own touch on things, but little by little we’re growing to love our home. I believe your home is a reflection of yourself and I’m working on only putting colors on the walls, accessories, etc. in our home that do just that. 

 Since yesterday I ripped up this flooring, we’ll start with the living/dining area. I can’t wait to show you what it looks like in the weeks *maybe months* to come!

 This photo shows what the dining and living area has generally looked like since we moved in. It’s an extremely awkward space. We put the tv above the fireplace, mostly because it felt like that’s where it was supposed to go but it didn’t allow for more than a single couch to view the tv. After 2 years of brainstorming I think I’ve found a solution! I’ll keep you posted! I loved the dark laminate when we moved in, then grew to hate the tile that was everywhere but the living room. Then, at some point we got 2 dogs that shed and bring in a lot of dirt which is why we’re replacing all of it with new lighter laminate. The ceiling is very high in the peak so I talked myself into liking the paint colors until I found the courage (and a solution) to painting it all. 

 We painted the walls and ceiling the same shade of white to avoid spending days on a ladder edging. The color is Dove White, in Valspar Reserve with a Satin finish. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you all our new flooring and living arrangement in a few days! Wish us luck!

A Family Room

I started the family room with a fabric story.  It changed a hundred times, but this is where it started.

It changed again.

and again.

It all started with my hubby wanting the TV moved over the fireplace.  I could have cared less about the TV.  What I did want though was a place for my family to gather.  An adult space, but also a place the kids could be comfortable.  I started with fabric because I am obsessed.  Fabric always inspires me.  I wanted a menswear look.  A den.  A sophisticated lounge for men and boys because four of them live in this house.  

I apologize for my photo quality, but this will give you an idea of where I ended up with this room.  See below for how it usually looks…

Hi! From Big D!

Hi, everyone!  I live in Dallas, TX and have for all but 3 years of my life. Those were spent in Houston and Peoria, IL. That being said, you would think that I am somewhat settled in my home. However, it has been quite the opposite as I have moved eleven times since having kids (30 years ago). Too many to count going back to since married. This transient lifestyle of mine has contributed to my love to decorate. It seemed I was doing it so often, each time with a little (or bigger) different spin on it than the last time. Of course, I wouldn’t take this path of my own choosing, but there is a lot to learn in making each place (either owned or rented) a home while you are there. My current home, since September 2014, is a work in progress. I look forward to sharing some of it with you along the way.  Of course, also stealing … oops, I mean seeing, some of your ideas too!

A Little bit about ME!

Hi there

My name is Judi and I live in Hampshire in the UK.  Up until a couple of years ago, I really wasn’t that interested in home decor, and home was just the place where I live, but being disabled and spending a lot of time stuck in bed, the internet is my life saver and one day while just mindlessly surfing I came across a blog about home decor.  It really caught my attention and I spent ages reading about the blogger’s DIY projects.  From there I went on to read lot’s more home blogs and at the first opportunity went to a charity (thrift) shop to see what I could find.  I was seriously amazed at how quickly and cheaply I was able to build a collection of lovely white china pieces to display on my open kitchen shelves, and now whenever I’m able, visit all the local charity and antique shops to see what new treasures I can find to beautify my home.  While I am disabled, on a good day I’m able to do a little bit, and am often to be found wielding a paintbrush, recycling something or more recently building something with wood.  My lovely hubby encourages me with my projects, although doesn’t always initially understand my ‘visions’ but usually comes round to my way of thinking.

I love the idea of this website (thanks Melissa) and look forward to getting to know more like minded friends.

My New Home

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my home. We recently moved into a new house that we are slowly trying to bring out of the 80’s.

The first room I finished was our library. It is actually our formal living room, but using it as a space to keep our books and give us a cozy place to read was a better use of the space for us. If you want to see how I put the room together check out my library here.

I am so excited about this new community and look forward to meeting other neighbors and being inspired by their homes.