Casa California

This is my little ranch in NC. It is the first home I purchased by myself and I’ve lived here for just a little over two years. I moved from my home state of KY to be near my boyfriend, who is now my husband. We both live here now and it’s a continuous work in progress. As I type this there are ceilings to be sanded crown moldings to be hung and backsplash to be tiled. I wish I could say that is all of the to-do list, but nope, there is TONS more to do! . 

We both travel a lot for our jobs and it’s mainly been a DIY renovation, so it’s moving at a snails pace. I love it and I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished. It’s come a LONG way. I’ve shared some work in progress stories on my blog, but I haven’t updated the house progress in quite some time.

I look forward to this neat little place of blogland and seeing the stories from others 🙂

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    Looks like a cozy, peaceful place to call home! I have visited NC a couple of times and loved it! I am a Kentucky girl too! Born and raised, moved away, but am now back home! So, it feels like we really are neighbors even though you are in NC! I have never flown, scardey cat that I am, but I can imagine that being a pilot is exciting.

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