Chalk Paint?

I love this cozy guest room at my parents’ house! I found that sewing table at Goodwill for just $30 a few years ago and I always planned to paint it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet! It’s pretty shiny wood so I’m thinking chalk paint would be the easiest way to paint it without sanding. Has anyone tried chalk paint? I haven’t yet but I’ve heard some good reviews!

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    Hey Courtney, that is a pretty little corner. I have used Annie Sloan chalk paint quite a bit. I think it would be perfect for that piece (great deal on that!) I suggest that you go to a shop that sells it and see if they have sample boards to look at… it is pretty pricey but a little goes a long way and can be watered down too! I’ll have to do a story to show some of the furniture I’ve done with chalk paint… if you look at my pictures of my living room, the armoire (that holds the tv) was done in Annie Sloan Paris Gray. Good luck with your project, can’t wait to see 🙂

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    I agree, that room is very sweet. I know everyone is painting wood these days (myself included), but I think that room works with the retro-y finished wood as is. I’m sure it will be super cute painted too,. I have several wood pieces in a single room currently, one of which I would consider painting. It sounds dark and heavy, but it’s actually cozy and warm. So I’m just sittin’ on it for now. If you paint, share the afters and maybe they will inspire me too! 🙂

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    My feeling on painting furniture is if it’s good quality wood, it’s best to leave it, but if it’s old and scuffed, go ahead and paint to your heart’s delight!

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