My New Home

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my home. We recently moved into a new house that we are slowly trying to bring out of the 80’s.

The first room I finished was our library. It is actually our formal living room, but using it as a space to keep our books and give us a cozy place to read was a better use of the space for us. If you want to see how I put the room together check out my library here.

I am so excited about this new community and look forward to meeting other neighbors and being inspired by their homes.




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    I rencetly turned my formal dining room/area into a home library room. You are right, there is no real need for a dining room. One can always bring in a dining table when in need and the rest of the time use the space for something elset that is more utilized and functional. I checked out your library and it is artfully arranged.

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