On Decorating a Rent House

Hi! I’m Andrea. I spend my days working as the Webmaster at a local Baptist University. At home I like to bake, quilt, and spend time with my husband and the cat. 

My husband and I are currently renting, so I can’t do a lot of the things I would love to do to decorate. I do have a few nails in the walls, though I’m not allowed to put new ones in. That means my wall styling is very limited, so most of my decorating happens on my shelves. The above version is the most recent version of the shelves in my living room.

You can find out more about me at my blog: MouseInMyPocket.com

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    Have you experimented with Command Strips? They are a non-permanent option for hanging things and even though I own my home, I LOVE them because they let me avoid pounding holes in my walls. Definitely recommend them to you.

    In any case, your shelves are adorable.

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      Thanks for the tip Diane. I use command strips all over my office at work. Unfortunately our rental agreement actually says we aren’t supposed to put those up either. It’s an older house and I think the landlord is worried that it will damage the drywall or something. 🙁 Oh well. I have pin boards full of the things I’d like to do once we have our own space.

  2. 3

    I love looking at shelves in peoples houses (just nosey I’m afraid)! I love the unexpected things, they usually have a good story to go with them! Curious about your tractors…

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      Thanks for the comment. Everything on my shelves has a story. As to the tractors- my husband is a farmer and many of the tractors (the ones along the top) are toys from his childhood. The wooden toy tractors on the top left shelf were handmade by a friend and match the two vintage tractors we own. One is a John Deere MT that my husband just had to have. He’s always wanted on because his initials are MT. The little blue tractor is a replica of my grandfather’s Fordson Dexta that we now own. It’s a neat old British tractor that my grandfather got for a steal because no one wanted to buy a British tractor at the time.

  3. 5

    The one draw back of renting is you can’t fully make the house your own. But it looks like you did a great job displaying your items on the shelf. It looks really nice.

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