I Love It All

I started out many yrs ago loving Country Decor….now I love,French country,English country….and Colonial…..I love it all!

This is part of or small living area.❤️

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    Love the warm inviting atmosphere………your country decor is beautiful!!! So many interesting elements……….fantastic corner piece……….bravo for the flag throw and lovely throw pillows!!!
    The collection of blue and white plates are after my own heart…..wonderful!!! i can imagine sitting on the sofa and enjoying a nice cup of coffee!!

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    Wow Della! I love the mix of country in your HOME! Your room looks so cozy! I love all the different textures, patterns and furniture pieces you have incorporated into this space. You did a great job of decorating and making it your own! I tend to be more coordinating and matching in my decorating, but I am trying be a little more brave and bring in a more eclectic look into my country home. Beautiful job! 🙂

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    Hi, Della! Welcome to the neighborhood! You’ve created a living space with lots of character. I’m trying to learn how to decorate country (with a German flair)…more about that in a post I’ll make at a later time, so I look forward to drawing some inspiration from you and your inviting home.

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