The Room That Has My Heart

In celebration of the launch of Melissa of The Inspired Room’s latest book entitled “The Inspired Room: Simple Ideas to Love the Home,” I thought I would share a few pictures of the room in my home that has my heart. 

Of all the rooms in my home, I would have to say it is my living area that I love the most. Moving from Ohio to Texas 18 years ago, I remember falling in love with the room the minute I walked through the entry door on our hunt for the perfect place we would call home. It was the windows….I immediately fell in love with them and the open, airy feel of the room. It has continued to be the place where I love to land. Whether it is in the morning as I catch a few quiet moments before my day begins or with my husband in the evening after the work day is over, the room comforts my soul and makes me smile. 

Fall is the time I especially love this room because for me the touches of autumn warm up the space even more.

My first attempt at painting the pumpkin canvas that hangs above the mantle and and a gold tissue paper wreath that permanently graces the large chalkboard in the room each remind me that it’s the personal touches to a space that truly make it a home. (Thanks to blogger Emily Lex of Jones Design Company for sharing her inspiration for these projects.  :)

I have learned to love and be grateful for the home I live in and am looking forward to even more ways to do this from Melissa of The Inspired Room’s latest book entitled “The Inspired Room:  Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have.” It is available on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.

The book looks beautiful and is especially inviting to me because Melissa encourages us to love the home we are in for the joy it brings us and those we share it with. 

So that’s my favorite room….My favorite chair is calling me to come sit awhile and soak up the quiet of this autumn afternoon with a cup of hot tea. 

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    I can see why you love your home……………it truly is warm, cozy and very inviting!
    Enjoy in good health.

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        I’m also in Texas, so what’s your traveling fee? 🙂 Just kidding. We just bought our first home and I feel a bit overwhelmed with how to take it from bare walls and empty shelves to a lovely welcoming space like yours. But I keep telling myself to go slowly and let the home tell me what it needs.

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    Hi Shelley! I envy! My home is so simple, but I do LOVE it! I also LOVE the beautiful architecture and custom woodwork of your living area! And with your decorating, you have made this space so warm and inviting! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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      Thank you so much, Maria! We were so excited to see that the builder of our home has an eye for detail. Even though it was a spec home, we fell in love with the architectural details as well. I appreciate your encouraging words. Thanks again!

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    Thank you, Kelsey! I had fun making both of them. 🙂

    Love your name, by the way…it’s also my daughter’s name and she spells it the same way!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. 12

    Hi, Shelley! I’m a lover of wall plates, and I think your mantel decoration is well done! I really LOVE the big metal planter atop your coffee table. You’ve indeed brought fall into your home with many details, including the birch logs in the fireplace. Enjoy your cup of tea!

  7. 13

    Thank you, Jennifer! The ceiling in my living area is very high so that’s why I went upward in the wall decor. It looked really squatty to keep things closer to the mantle.

    I got the gigantic vintage ice bucket at an estate sale and can’t tell you how many times I picked it up, put it back down, walked away from it and then even left it…only to think about it all that night. Lol. I called the next morning to have them hold it and raced back to get it before the sale ended that day. I hesitated because it was so large I thought it would overpower the room. But because the ceilings are so high, it worked! It has been on my table each season since and I have enjoyed filling it up with different things to bring the season into the heart of our home. 🙂

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