Day one – grateful for my home 

The view from the breakfast nook

As I start the 31 day challenge I am sitting in the breakfast nook sipping chai tea.   Iโ€™m enjoying the view into the family room even though we currently have not found the end tables we want.  We need new pillows, rugs and the entertainment center needs decorating.  Oh well, this new home is perfect for us right now and canโ€™t wait to see it evolve.  I can not figure out how to upload a picture though so maybe next time. 

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    I’m glad you posted as it is!..because in reality,it’s a work in process…and after all it’s where you live!…it looks’ll get there!..keep us posted.

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    Welcome to the neighborhood Jodena! Congratulations on your new home! From what I can see you are already off to a great start! Your home looks very spacious and it looks like an open floor plan from what I can see. I love the architectural design and high ceilings. What great bones to work with! Enjoy making your house and HOME . . . and keep us posted! ๐Ÿ™‚

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