SoCal Whitehouse

Our very vanilla California home…

We moved in to our current house four years ago.  There is much to love but several things that are frustrating to me.  My issue? I am interior designer who is not happy with her own home.  I preach love and admiration to my clients to create their own perfect nest, but mine?  Not so much.  

And as I start writing this I realized we’ve lived her for four years.  We’ve made some significant changes but they are more foundational and less aesthetic.  This fall, we are about to embark on the pretty updates I’ve been looking forward to.  Primarily on those items, though, that we can afford to do ourselves.

So, be kind as I share the very slow process of updating our very white, SoCal home.  

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    Love the exterior! I can’t wait to see where your design skills take you. Thanks for this little tease about what’s to come. You must be a great salesperson! 🙂

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    Ohhh, so exciting! I can’t wait to see what you do with your home as you slowly make it into one you love.. I think it is hard sometimes for us design-types to find contentment when we are busy helping others or simply know the **potential** of what we could do, if we had the time. But once you get on a roll, I’m sure there will be no stopping you and you’ll love it more every day. Thanks for the introduction to your home!

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