Progress in the Great Room

   Some rooms seem to fall into place much more easily than others.  Our great room has been a challenge for me. I have struggled with this room since we moved in two and a half years ago.  It is finally starting to feel more like β€œme”. :)

   Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. 1

    Hi Lisa! Your Great Room is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love the big arched mirror with the sconces.
    I actually have one of those sconces from Pottery Barn. Mine wound up hanging in my sun porch. I think with your high ceilings, they compliment your room so much better than when I had it hanging in my living room. I like how you blended neutral colors in your decor, that makes it so warm and welcoming. And that chandelier is amazing!
    I Love everything about this room. . . everything from the stone wall fireplace to the sweet pillows on your sofa! So much inspiration! πŸ™‚

  2. 3

    I love this room! The greenery really adds a fresh feeling to the space and the large mirror makes it look huge and open! The little chalkboard on the basket is simply adorable! The candle display on the table is very well designed and the chandelier is amazing! Sweet beans! I love this great room! You did a fantastic job designing it! Ps. Where did you get those pillows? They are so cute!

  3. 5

    Ditto to what the other girls have said ! You’re very good at decorating with such a grand theme. That mirror makes the space! I think I’m afraid of large decorating pieces and make the mistake of not going in that direction. It’s absolutely stunning!

  4. 7

    This is such a beautiful room! Neutral and cozy – my favorite combination. I am in love with your fireplace – stunning!!

  5. 9

    Thinking about a leather sofa…love the one in your room. Can you share your thoughts on leather and perhaps where you purchased your?

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      Hi Diana, the leather sofa is from Restoration Hardware.
      I really like it. It does however get scratches fairly easily. This doesn’t really bother me but is something to consider. Overall we have been really happy with this sofa.

    • 11

      The sofa is from Restoration Hardware. I really like it, it does scratch fairly easily but this doesn’t really bother me. It is something to consider though when purchasing leather.

  6. 12

    Wow, Lisa!!! You didn’t mention that you were a very good “professional decorator” but your room certainly looks it. Absolutely beautiful. If those were pix in a magazine, I would have torn them out to save for future inspiration. (As it is, I’ll be copying them for my computer inspiration file.) I love every inch of this room but the cabinet with the basket and lantern on top was the first thing that grabbed me. I have a vaulted wall with the highest point at the open foyer and I was searching for a narrow wooden open bookcase that I could sit there with something tall on top. Unfortunately the totally perfect bookcase that manifested itself has a curved top so on to Plan B (how to hang something on a 15” vaulted ceiling closer to the top when you are quite vertically challenged, living alone and at age when climbing a good supportive ladder is risky enough, forget reaching above your head when you get there..

    Meanwhile, back to your room. I desperately need to replace the light fixture in my D’office (dining room turned office) and your chandelier would be perfect.

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    How beautiful! I love your great room. It looks so warm and inviting! Thank you for sharing it with us. PS I have a leather sofa that scratches too but I just think of it as adding character :).

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