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Hi everyone!  I hope your summer has been keeping you busy with some relaxation thrown in. Mine sure has!  I’ve managed to add a few new touches around the house mainly to try and brighten things up and just give things a fresh look. My dining room is one of the darker rooms in my house so I thought some lighter chairs to replace the dark green ones I’ve had for years might brighten it up. I found these on overstock at a good price and  I think they help a little in the brightening department.  Here’s a before pic:

With the after pic above.  I guess slightly, lol, but I love the change either way..   I also wanted an architectural piece on a big wall in my kitchen and found these old shutters at an antique mall in town. 

I’m loving the old vs. new look in here. We have since squeezed them together so there’s no space between them and it looks that much better. What do you think?  After working on the downstairs I looked around my grandsons room and decided to hang a pennant that I had made, inspired by one of our neighbors, with both of their names on it. I haven’t found the perfect spot yet but it’s here for now. I love working on their room. 

That’s pretty much all I’ve had time for this summer in the house. We did have an amazing experience watching baby birds hatch and eventually leave the nest. They had built a nest behind the wreath on our front door. Right next to the window so we had a “ bird’s eye view” lol. 

 I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end!  

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  1. 1

    Hi Barb! I LOVE the color and style of your new chairs! I think they definitely brighten up the space!! I also like idea of mixing some old in with the new. I really like those shutters! Good spot for them too. The banner you made turned out so cute! I like the banner idea! I was even thinking of doing one for Fall to display for everyone to see as you come in the front door. I can’t believe the Ma Ma bird built her nest so close to your home. Amazing! 🙂

    • 2

      Hi Maria, the mama built that nest over a long weekend that we were away. Imagine her surprise when we showed up! We did put some black mesh over our side of the windiw so we stopped scaring her which still allowed us to observe. When she flew away for food we’d lift it and snap pics. My grandson loved it!! Try the pennant idea, so cute!!

  2. 3

    Right on Barb! The chairs lighten the room both in visual weight and with regards to the color. I was drawn to the pennant idea in the boy’s room too. I think his name was Ryan?? Anyway, I love yours and your boys’ names! I may find somewhere to add one for my grandson, Dax. He is four and loves CARS. I think the pennants can have a racing vibe when done in the right colors.
    My summer has been laid back with few plans until now. In the next two weeks the fun begins…two cottage parties, trip to New England, wedding in Boston and lunches with friends. The days are going to be packed but I am looking forward to it all! I hope the summer weather lingers for a while as it took so long to get here in Nova Scotia. Enjoy the remaining summer days!

    • 4

      Hi Nancy! My Kolby loves the Cars movies too! That’s partly why I did the pennant. Thanks for the chair input. I’m really happy with them. Enjoy your trip to New England. I’m a new Englander so I know you’ll have an amazing time. It’s really hot and sunny here right now. I know you mentioned going to the elephants trunk and boston is not far from where I grew up. It sounds like a perfect getaway. Enjoy!!!!!

  3. 5

    Hi, Barb! I think the chairs work very well and indeed lighten up the room a bit. The old rustic shutters look great, too. How cool is it that mama bird built a nest in your door wreath! I hope you’re able to salvage it after they’ve flown the coop. I have incorporated a bird’s nest that must be more than 15 years old by now into my decor. It’s amazingly survived two transoceanic moves in the process (very carefully packed)! It currently sits atop an old iron urn on my sideboard along with a collection of old glass stem vases. Something functionally made out of natural materials. I love it!

    • 6

      Hi Jennifer! I have not attempted to take the nest off the wreath yet. I had every attention of keeping it as I’m slightly obsessed with bird nests, but as the babies grew it seems that they picked at a lot of the nest so I’m not sure how intact it still is. I hope I can salvage it and keep it for as long as you’ve kept yours, that’s amazing!!

  4. 7

    I love the new chairs, Barb! I think they definitely lighten the room – great find. And those shutters? LOVE. 🙂

    • 8

      Thanks Tonya, the chairs are working out great and I am really happy with the shutters. They make the kitchen look just the way I wanted it to look.

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