The move to get closer to grandkids!

we moved here to our retirement home in the last 6 months.  It has been quite the process after living in the same home for the last 15 years.  We moved to get closer to grandkids and we are loving it.

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    I’m curious – how close are you to your g’kids? (geographically). And did you have to choose which set of g’kids to live near? We are in Africa right now, but will move back to the US soon-ish (within a year or 2) & will have to decide where to live – but, yes, near grandkids is the plan1!

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    Our son and his family live 12 minutes to the north of us and our other son and his family live 15 minutes to the south of us. and my daughter lives one hour away to the south.
    We had to choose where the most grand kids were, and I wish we could live close to all of them! We have six children, 18 grand kids, and the rest live much farther away, Florida, St George, Utah, and Las Vegas Nevada. The other bright spot about this move is that we live closer to an airport and my other children live in great places to visit!

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    Donene, our first grandchild is being born this June. We are planning on relocating late this fall/next spring to be closer to him. Right now both my children live an hour and a half from us (thankfully in the same city), which is not that far, I know. But we don’t want to miss out on all the little things, like school plays, etc. I’m so glad you are enjoying your decision to move!!!

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