Last year I looked around my big quiet house and thought, I do not need half of what I have here. Neither the house nor the “stuff” I had accumulated to fill my house. It took a lot if convincing but my husband eventually agreed. I say eventually because he was still fighting me on it even after we moved!  Nine months later he is happy right along with me that we moved. It’s not a tiny house as we have three kids and two grandchildren but it’s definitely smaller and cozier. I also enjoy, well, love decorating a new home. We just renovated the small master bath making it a little bigger but I’m stuck on the only spot I have to hang something on the wall. I will post a pic and ask for input. This site could be the answer to my dilemma!! 

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    Yes – good for you! Accumulating “stuff” is so easy – getting rid of it is much harder! I moved from the US to Africa – so life here is MUCH simpler, but most of our “stuff” is in storage in the US – so I’ll have to face it eventually! I’m trusting that this taste of a simpler life will rub off, & that I’ll be able to downsize (at least get rid of stuff, if not actually downsize homes) once we return to the US.

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    Wow, Africa! That takes on a whole new meaning of letting go! I’m sure the experience will filter into your life in an amazing way. At the very least you will come home with some awesome home accents!! 😉

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    I am so very aware of the “stuff”! I’m convinced people come during the night and leave their unwanted things in my basement! I’m at the point of “Where do I begin”! So happy for you that you were able to make a better life.

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    Haha, the basement is that black hole of ” let me just put that down here in case I need it again one day”. I think I just got to the point where I had everything I needed, and beyond that was excessive. Where to begin? Spring cleaning might just get you going!!!

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    I wish I could convince my husband to go smaller. I wanted smaller when we moved across country 18 months ago but my husband is really stuck on BIG. I think it makes him feel like all his hard work in life has paid off. I would be very happy with 1500-2000 square feet, but our current home is 3900 square feet, on three levels, and we aren’t getting any younger! It’s never all clean at the same time which is a major source of stress for me. We only have one kid. Although the basement level is great as a teen hangout for now, I admit. When she has friends over we can’t even hear them down there. LOL

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    I think my husband thinks like your husband, and maybe I did too at one point. It took lots of convincing and he still wasn’t on board 100% even on moving day but 7 months later, he finally is! Our children are grown and out of the house so we are further along in that regard than you so maybe you’ll get there!

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    My husband & I have done the same thing…decluttering, donated and sold so much of the stuff we accumulated over 40 years of marriage…it started out hard, but soon it was so cathartic! And like you said, FREEING! Kudos to you and looking forward to pics of your new home and decorated rooms!

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