The lovely log burner

A few years ago Tony and I decided that we would have a woodburner installed.  It was the best decision we had made in a very long time as we have yet to pay for any logs. The first year we spent gathering logs in a local woodland area where the council just haul any fallen trees.  It was kind of like a log heaven (if you own a woodburner you will understand)We are now fortunate enough to get offered lorry loads  … so long as we collect them…..  I now have muscles like Popeye. Originally we had a huge brick fireplace that sucked the light out of the already dark sitting room so  I thought you might perhaps like to see how we transformed it. This was a major refurb of our home as we replaced two sofas, every carpet and both dining tables and chairs. Tony had always hated wallpaper so it came as quite a shock when he said the ‘wallpaper might make a nice change. We had planned to only paper the chimney breast wall  but he liked it so much that I did the wall around the pretty coloured glass door too (we put that door in many years ago.)

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    Oooh, talk about your stain glass door next! They are awesome!
    Good work, my that was a big project.

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    We did the SAME thing! Out with the fire place and IN with the wood stove! My home is now toasty warm 8 months a year. I couldn’t be happier with the decision and we save a TON of money! I’ll make a post just for you neighbor so you can see ours! 😀

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