Stained glass bits and bobs

This is the first thing that Tony ever made for me in the glass class


Tony and I went to stained glass classes for a few years and made some really pretty things. The glass swans are the first thing he made for me in class.  I made the mirror from the bucket of glass scraps and an old mirror tile. The glass swans are hanging in the window of the conservatory and in the background you can see part of our garden

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    Wonderful! I was just asked by a co worker if I’d like to learn how to stain glass. She knows I love crafty stuff and projects. I think after seeing this, I will give it a go!

    • 2

      If you are into crafting I think you will love it. Once you master cutting the glass you will make so many pretty things. Just think of the way that pools of colour will spill across your floor as the sun shines through the glass. It really is a wonderful medium to craft with. The glass is a bit expensive to buy but heck, all hobbies cost money

  2. 3

    The look of sunlight streaming through colored glass is always breathtaking. Love your never-ending creativity.

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