My pretty china teacup

This morning I swapped my serviceable teapot for the pretty china one from the cabinet.  I have put a matching mug for Tony’s cuppa and my pretty china teacup and saucer ready for my morning cuppa.  I smile each time I look at it.  Such a simple thing to do but ever so pretty to lookat

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    Love your rose china Cherie. I love fine china very much. If you look at my story about favorite corner, you will see I diyed a bookshelf from a thrift store just to showcase all my beatiful and rose floral teaware. I have collected a lot of them over the years ever since college! Everytime I use a different cup and saucer. And at the end of the day if one of them happens to break, oh well, they are just things, but I love them while I have all my china teaware. Like you, everytime I pass by my shelf, I smile inside because I finally can display all of them. My house is open-plan so I can see my shelf from most corners.

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    Oh I totally understand your special mugs . I too have a few special ones and they don’t match, but drinking out of them sets me up to start the day right. I love your mugs and that you shared this pretty piece of joy with us!

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    You love bright red flowers, don’t you! I see quite a few of them popping up in your posts. But then again, maybe I’m noticing because I love them too.

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      Good morning Diane. It is actually Tony that loves bright red. I much prefer bright yellow daffodils and sunflowers. I currently have a bunch of pretty yellow roses sitting in a vase on my table. If Tony had chosen them they would have been red… not because of the romantic attachmnet but simply becasue he loves the colour red..

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